Friday, November 11, 2011

One of Those Elusive Posts

11/11/11 hasn't necessarily been a lucky day for us.

Isn't that just like life? Our prayers the last few weeks have morphed from, "we're so happy, we don't deserve all these blessings" to me saying, "I'm a little nervous about being canceled from work so often and I'm not sure what God is trying to tell me between grad school, PRN job applications, and the weekend bonus option." But then we got a phone call on Thursday night that left us reeling (no, it's not a life or death matter, yes I'm sure I'll share eventually). And last nights prayers sounded a little something like this: "We're not sure why we're finding ourselves in the same place before the holidays this year as we did last year. What are you trying to tell us? What are we missing?" And we can only cling to the fact that God did some amazing things in the past year and we can only hope that closing some doors right now is just his way of preparing us to see another one that's open.


  1. The detail don't matter, do they? Asking God to help you with the why's and what you are missing shows you understand that this is a lesson. Lots of people miss that part completely. I pray for your patience and that the lesson you are given leaves you with enough glorious knowledge that the pain it causes seems tiny in comparison. Your blog shows so much maturity and grace, things that I didn't possess at your age. Hang in there and keep sharing your life story! I enjoy reading,that's for sure.

  2. I so, so appreciate your comments and prayers. Thank you!

  3. Praying for you both, hold tight sweet Therese, it'll pass quickly and you'll be wiser and stronger for it no matter how big or small the problems may seem.

    Can't wait to hug you and (yeah, I'll cry) laugh with you in a few short weeks over some pizza. We might take you up on the Air Mattress offer too. I love you!