Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Month in Review: October

Finally, a month that didn't speed by! I can't believe I wrote my Indian Summer post 3 1/2 weeks ago. And the beginning of October seems like a long time ago. So much has happened between then and now! This month has been long and busy, in a good way for the most part. Did I meet the goals I set at the beginning of the month? Not quite. But it was still a good month in which I got outside to enjoy the changing of the seasons, started a grad school program I enjoy, and actually went out with friends more than once. Here are some more highlights I never got around to sharing:

Lots and lots of squash were consumed this month.
I started allergy drops, which are sublingual and approximately 1,000 times less painful and more convenient than the shots I'd been getting.
My friend Rachel celebrated her birthday at the Cashew. My coworkers are hilarious!
Baby basil leaf from our successful basil "harvest."
I got new running shoes, hoping they'd help my knee pain.
They did not.
I bought a $3 bag of kettle corn at the Ak-Sar-Ben Farmer's Market in Omaha with my mom. Such a good purchase!
Our Hungarian hot peppers seem to be thriving in the sunny, dry fall air. Weird.
Our friend Andy rocked the Cyclo-cross race we went to.
Early October color change

Sunset on a walk one night.
 Here are a few recipes I tried for the first time this month and loved:

These brussels sprouts with bacon grease instead of olive oil and 6 strips of bacon instead of pecans. SO good.

These pumpkin peanut butter bars, with an added 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips and 1/4 tsp salt mixed in.

We didn't have any Halloween plans, and I worked the day of, but I wore my spider earrings and my current primary patient's mom dressed her up as the sweetest Hershey's Kiss, which made my day.

Such a fun, productive, sunny month!

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