Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Month in Review: November

Where did November go? What a busy month! I got a lot of schoolwork done but fell off the exercise wagon, thanks to a combination of non-running frustrations (running is just so convenient, time efficient, and inexpensive) and this terrible sinus infection.

I also had good days and bad days with my monthly goal. I think it's more bad habit than anything now. I do the best on days when I can turn my computer off at night and don't have a real reason to turn it on again first thing in the morning!

Here's a short review of November 2011:

I applied for a bajillion part-time and PRN positions. I got interviewed for 3. I got one job offer, but it's not the one I wanted so I'm going to sit on it for a few more days before making a decision.

I tied with my friend Rachel for the weekend premium position-- then I got it via coin toss and felt guilty. As of December 11, I will be working every weekend for the next 6 months and I'm praying that God helps us use the extra money wisely so that I only have to sacrifice my weekends for 6 months instead of more.

I am no longer the head of the Developmental Care Committee. It was my own choice to step back, but it's still kind of sad.

Ross and I went to a gala for the Missouri Ear Institute. We had so much fun with my aunt and her friends!

I tried Crossfit. I still have 9 visits left on my Groupon, but it sounds miserable until this headache goes away.

I won a SPIN Pizza gift card :o)

I survived a hit-and-run and I'm so thankful that Ross and his mom have been able to help me with the ridiculous amounts of paperwork that came with it.

I found 30 very good reasons to be thankful.

I made my TV debut (ha)!

Ross and I celebrated a fun Thanksgiving with close to everyone in my family. It was so much fun!

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