Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good things come in small packages

Sometimes nothing beats getting something fun in the mail! Last week, we got a care package from the Hartfields in Texas with the INFAMOUS chocolate-cherry bread from Central Market, a Freebirds t-shirt for Ross (sometimes Chipotle just doesn't cut it), and a Burts Bees hands and feet care kit for me! It made a bad day much better, and started my week off on the right foot.

Winter + being a nurse = DRY SKIN

Yesterday, Ross got his Adobe Creative Suite 4 in the mail. Now this was not a gift. No, this was $400 software that we had to save up to buy. But that didn't stop Ross from celebrating like a kid on Christmas morning when it showed up on the doorstep! All through undergrad, students used "borrowed" versions of this software. But now Ross has his own software on his own desktop!

"It does feel nice to be legit!"


  1. FYI they now make the Choc. Cherry bread on the weekends ALL YEAR now. Something to remember when you and Ross are here in May.