Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fair Share Farm

As part of our CSA membership, we have to work two 4-hour farm shifts this summer. I worked one this morning and helped pick pole beans and cherry tomatoes. It was fun, but I was ready to go home by lunchtime. I loved the summer I spent working at Wenninghoff Farm in 2004, but I'm glad I don't have to do it again!

Producing good, clean food is hard work. Organic produce isn't so overpriced, it's just realistically priced for the manual labor that has gone into growing it without pesticides, crop dusters, and harsh artificial fertilizers.

Here are some pictures I took at the end of the morning once things were winding down and people were starting to leave.

Most of these pictures are obviously from the flower patch. The vegetable patches were further from the house. I didn't feel right taking pictures while other people were picking and once we got cleaned up, I didn't want to walk back in the heat of the day. Fair Share Farm is a beautiful piece of land and while it was inconvenient for me to drive an hour each way this morning for 4 hours of work, it's always good to know where your food comes from and see the work that goes into it.

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  1. I can not tell you how much I wish we had places like this in Texas or atleast in our area. As a mother I want to cook healthier and introduce Avery to more variety that doesn't come from a can or is filled with chemicals but it seems so expensive! Not to mention our area doesn't have CSA type farms or markets with a good variety of produce or veggies all year round.
    I'm going to research this now.....