Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ben + Janelle

Wednesday evening, I drove up to Omaha for a long (busy) weekend.

What's a road trip without 10 years worth of homemade CDs?

Thursday morning, I hitched a ride with my family to Okoboji, Iowa for my cousin Ben's wedding.

Street near the resort. Ben went to Morningside College so I took a picture of the sign!

The wedding was Friday evening on a golf course behind a resort near the lake.

Groom's mom getting ready

New dress

With my maternal grandparents (hi Grandma and Grandpa!)

Vows. Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding!

Yum. Next time I go to a wedding, don't let me sit by the cake table!

Heather and Libby- love these girls!

Cutting the cake with an audience

I guess the music was too loud when it started

Haven't worn these shoes since my own wedding! (I don't think I've had a pedicure since then either).




Me with my cousin Kate, an RN-in-training

Garter toss
My cousin Brian (the groom's younger brother) caught the garter on Friday, so in a few years we'll know if tradition holds up. At my Aunt Kate's wedding 10 years ago, my cousin Matt (the groom's older brother) caught the garter and I caught the bouquet. Matt was the next one in the family to get married... in September of 2007. I got married the next year... in September of 2008.  Ben caught the garter at my wedding, and then HE got married less than 2 years later!

No pressure, Brian ;-) But given the fact that his mom pulled the garter out of his hands and threw it back, I get the idea that we may be done with weddings for a while.

Congrats Ben and Janelle and thanks for inviting us. What a fun wedding!


  1. I'm so glad you bought that dress. Really cute!!! You will have to tell your dad congrats from the Dansby's!!

  2. I love it! You are so creative!