Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Beluga

We got a new car yesterday! It's pretty much the antithesis of my old car. And of Ross' gas-guzzling truck for that matter. Meet Baby Beluga:

Wait, you don't know the Baby Beluga song!? Am I the only one who grew up with Raffi music?

I'm so, so, thankful that my parents gave the old Honda to me for our wedding. It saved me a ton of money and hassle at a time when I was a new grad on night shift, planning a wedding. However, maybe it's rebelling against winter like its owner, but it's seen better days. Ross and I had a rough week with a single car last week, so it was time for something new.

We ended up leasing this car, because we will probably need something bigger in the next 3 years. But oh man, this car has it all:

Working radio!
Anti-lock brakes!
Automatic windows!
Automatic locks!

I'm so excited! For now, back to studying.

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