Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring Semester 2011

Ross is back in school this week. He's working 30 hours a week and taking 6 hours of grad classes this semester. It actually sounds like a good balance for him. He loves work (he calls it his "big kid job," which is true, but decidedly not the adult way of saying he's employed). Anyway, he certainly has fun looking the part:

New clothes and new shoes
His classes just started Tuesday but he's already in school mode:

computer programming
electronic mumbo jumbo
And what does he do on his first day off? Drive to Lawrence and build a new desk frame since apparently the one he built a few months ago is too tall. (Yes, he's getting rid of the original frame he got into the front door, couldn't get into the office, then couldn't get out the front door to take back to the shop. So he sawed it down, drove back to Lawrence, and eventually made it into a desk. Which lasted all of a month before he decided he didn't like it.) 

new greasy metal framework
I miss him on my days off now that he has a job with normal hours, but I'm proud of him! And speaking of days off, any ideas how I can spend mine now that studying isn't hanging over my head? 

(I'm serious: any and all ideas are welcome!)


  1. Get a library card and take a list of books you've been wanting to read!

  2. Well.... you could bakd and bake and MAIL TO ME! We would gladly eat anything you have shared so far on your blog. I love to cook but I have little time during TAXI DRIVING TEENS season! ;) Miss you both! Tell Ross it was good to see his face today when I read this!