Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stress Monster

This week, winter hit hard. In fact, on Tuesday there was snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states (Florida was the odd one out)! Wednesday was by far the coldest day of winter, so of course that was the day my car decided to die. Again. On the interstate ramp. On my way to work at 6:20 in the morning. I actually think I'm fortunate because a.) I left for work 5-10 minutes earlier than normal yesterday because I had to factor in hiking from the parking lot in the snow, and b.) if my car was going to die while driving, a slow entrance ramp near a gas station was the best possible place.

I drifted to the shoulder and called Ross (twice, because he wasn't awake yet) and hiked to Quick Trip. Ross came within a few minutes and we jumped my car, only to have it die again almost immediately. So we left it stranded there and Ross drove me to work. Sick babies don't take care of themselves, and I was only 2 minutes late after all that! An awesome co-worker drove me home, and now here I sit.

Since Ross has been pulling long hours and late nights at work, I'm stranded at home today. Needless to say, my plan to camp out at Starbucks today and tomorrow and do nothing but study, isn't going to happen.

On today's to-do-list instead:

-get car towed to the place we paid $400 last week to supposedly fix it (it died before Christmas, too, and we had a new alternator installed)

-e-mail friend's dad and high school friend in an attempt to procure a decent car for a decent price in the next few weeks

-run in the cold like the hardcore runner I am ;-)

-walk a mile to Panera to study after lunch, because there are just too many distractions at home



  1. Lots of luck being sent your way! I was sorry to hear about your car this AM; let me know if Zach doesn't get back to you or something, but he should (he has nothing going on, this cold snap means most people aren't buying cars!) And I KNOW you can do the studying, even if it seems insurmountable :D

  2. Thanks Ebie! January 20 at least one of these stressors will be gone- the test will be over, for better or for worse!

  3. So proud of you and that car, you both have been through a lot. :)