Monday, January 31, 2011

Month in Review: October

Finally, a month that didn't zoom by. Has it really only been 3 weeks since I wrote about loving this Indian Summer? This month has been jam packed. Did I meet my goals from the beginning of the month? Not so much. But here are some other highlights I never got around to sharing.

Lots and lots of squash
Allergy drops. Supposedly just as effective as immunotherapy shots but 1,000 times less painful and inconvenient.
Rachel's birthday bash at the Cashew. My coworkers filled a big, loud table. They're hilarious.
Baby basil.
Basil "harvest" from our container garden.
Got my hair cut a little shorter than I bargained for.
New running shoes!
I hoped they would fix my knee and hip pain. They did not.
Kettle corn. You can buy a piece of heaven for $3 a bag at the Ak-Sar-Ben Farmer's Market in Omaha!
Our Hungarian hot peppers apparently thrive in the sunny, dry fall.
What a great month. Full of productivity, change, and sunshine!

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