Thursday, August 16, 2012

Change is in the Air

I was shocked that when I greeted fresh air this evening, it had a chill to it! When I had walked into work 13 hour previously, the early morning air was humid and comfortable.

Along with the hint of crispness in the air tonight, I felt a hint of anticipation instead of despair. Momentum instead of anxiety. I love summer and I'm not wishing it away quite yet, but you know what? I'm ready for fall.

I have been in a holding pattern for so long. I'm still not sure when or where life is going, but change is coming. Change in attitude or change in circumstance? I can't tell yet, although my outlook certainly is improving daily in surprising ways.

For once, I'm ready to greet the changing of the seasons when it comes. This summer was the tail end of a dark, dark season and while I've spent some time wishing I had reveled in the sunshine instead of hiding inside crying, I can't change what was. I can only be ready to greet what is to come.

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