Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moving Meltdown

We're currently in the middle of moving to a new apartment. 

Me + Moving:
(Credit for this montage goes to this hilarious blogger)

In Ft. Worth, we lived in apartment #1335.

We then moved to Kansas City into apartment #1433.

I was really hoping that when the time came, we'd move out of that apartment into a cute little house with the number #1531.

But with me on day shift and Ross with a full class load, our one-bedroom apartment got too tiny really fast. (I can count on two hands the number of times we've actually eaten at the table in our apartment in the last year since it doubles as Ross' desk and Therese + food + computer = a disaster waiting to happen). Since it just doesn't make sense/isn't financially possible for us to buy a house right now, we're moving to a new apartment in the same complex.

We upgraded to a one-bedroom with an office and pretty much bullied the apartment manager into lowering the rent on the new place since the air conditioner in our old place was broken from July through October. No joke. We're still paying more, but hopefully the extra space (and a table we can eat at) will be worth it.

If I've learned anything today, it's that I'm whiny and wimpy. And I need lots of snack breaks.

Ross is the exact opposite. He just wants to POWER THROUGH. I didn't get to go on a run today-- Ross has done most of the work as it is, without me leaving for 2 hours. But since we're moving from 3rd floor to 3rd floor (again), my legs sure hate me anyway! Good thing Ross is such a champ. I'm sure when it's said and done, he will have done 80% of the actual moving. And here I am whining again...

Dear Ross, I AM SO SORRY! Next time I will work as much overtime as I need to, and save up to pay for movers. 


  1. I Wish I could be there to help and give you a big hug.

  2. weird, my townhouse number is 1531... strange!

  3. Erin- clearly you must be living in my dream house! lol.

  4. Brittnye- I certainly missed you and Avery distracting me this time!