Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Month

Hey look... I'm famous! Well, I guess that's a stretch since I'm hardly the only one they interviewed. But still. It's a fun way to celebrate my blog's one-year anniversary.

Besides being the first day of a new month, today is also World Vegetarian Day! I can see Ross cringing and rolling his eyes already. October is actually Vegetarian Awareness Month. I'm not vegetarian and, despite Ross' greatest fears, I never will be. I love pepperoni too much. However, I probably go about 3-4 days a week without eating meat just because cooking raw meat grosses me out. I do love a good veggie burger, but I don't necessarily think it's better for you than a grass-finished beef burger. I guess I'm more "pro-plant" than "anti-meat."

That being said, during October I'm going to try eating vegetarian 6 days a week, just for kicks. I'm not trying to lose weight (after all, cookies and brownies are vegetarian) although I am curious to see if my running really does improve like some people claim it can. I'm not trying to transition to being a life-long vegetarian, not even secretly. Who wants to join me in pretending for a month, though?!

1 comment:

  1. No Thanks, although in the past 6 months Evan and I seem to find ourselves not eating red meat. We're way more fish and chicken and pork lovers. Does that count for something?