Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Surprise

I haven't been home for Easter in 6 years, so I wasn't surprised that Ross said he had to work this Easter. Of course, the year I have Easter off, he would have a job that makes him work holidays. However, turns out early last week he was planning a surprise! He told me he noticed a flat tire on my car and took it to Discount Tire. (This was entirely believable because several times in the last year, I've walked outside to a dead tire). He drove me to work Thursday night and picked me up Friday morning, since my car was "in the shop."

We drove down Rainbow Ave. as usual but at the last minute, Ross switched lanes to go North on I-35 instead of South to our apartment. Apparently, I looked very confused. I had just worked 12 hours... He explained that he got someone to work for him and we were going to Omaha for Easter/an early birthday celebration. He had even packed for me!

I bounced around in the car for a bit, so excited that he actually pulled off a surprise for once ;-) We went to IHOP for breakfast on the way and then continued on to Omaha! I guess I slept:

32 people came to celebrate with a last-minute dinner of pizza (mmm... Pizza Hut thin crust veggie lover's) and cake!

Ross' birthday is actually April 9 and mine is April 14, so my mom got him a cake too!

My Aunt Debbie brought chocolate wine (yep, chocolate IN the wine... who knew?!)

And I FINALLY got to meet my cousin's two-month old baby girl Addison. Pictures don't do her justice!

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  1. Awww, what a great Hubby he is! I love your cake too!!!!

    I missed Ross's Birthday, been a crazy week.What a bad friend I am.