Saturday, April 10, 2010


This, along with the initials "WC" inscribed inside oodles of heart doodles covered my spiral notebook covers from 4th-7th grade. (I used to think I wanted to name a child William Scott after my grade school crush but really, "Willie" is not a classy nickname.) But I digress.

Tiffany Tritico (TT) and I (Therese Muelleman) kept in touch after I moved to Omaha, but contact was sporadic and after 8th grade it dwindled down to phone calls on our birthdays (which are 3 weeks apart). When she heard I was moving back to Kansas City, she invited me to be her 6th missing bridesmaid! I was happy to oblige.

Today was her wedding day (and, ironically, WC's birthday). Of course, I was occupied with wedding festivities from 8am until 1am the next morning, but I cheated and post-dated this entry.

Happy Wedding Day, Tiffany!

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a huge (Italian) party. Congratulations Tiffany and Domenic!

*pictures courtesy of David Remley*

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