Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lynn Electric 5k

Congratulations to Ross! After his first 5k last month, he agreed to sign up for another one in April. I ended up having to work the night before, but he decided to drive out to Lawrence, KS and run the race anyway. I'm so proud of him!

He was aiming for a sub-30 minute time, but Lawrence is HILLY. He thought he came in at around 31 minutes, but the official results clocked him at 20:13. Typo? Or am I just really holding Ross back when he runs with me at my pace?!

The big event of the day was actually the Lynn Electric Marathon and Ross had never seen such a huge running crowd before! He said he'd do the Lynn Electric 1/2 Marathon with me next year. We got awesome technical t-shirts this year (he picked mine up for me. I did register, after all). Next year, we will earn the word "marathon" on our shirts!

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