Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 Years and Counting...

Two years ago, I was sipping a latte and getting my hair and makeup done at this time.

After that, I rushed home, packed (so belatedly) for a Canadian honeymoon, hurried to the church, and got dressed in the best dress I've ever worn.

I tried not to break down when my mom had a breakdown.

I took pictures with my best friends in the beautiful September sunshine outside my childhood church.

My dad walked me down the aisle.

And Ross and I said "I do."

His family

joined my family,

and two became one.

Today, I'm celebrating like I seem to celebrate every "holiday"-- by working. We're also babysitting for family friends this week so Ross is at their house and I'm post-dating this entry to publish while I'm with "my" babies at work.

Last year, our fancy dinner plans fell apart and we ended up eating pizza on a beach. We actually served pizza at our wedding as well, so we decided to start a tradition and have pizza on our anniversary every year. We ended up ordering it last night because the kids we're watching had friends over and it made sense to just feed them all something easy. Sadly, we didn't have any cake to eat on our first or second anniversary, but one year we will go back to that bakery and have them make a mini cake for us to celebrate with.

Since Ross and I aren't going to see much of each other today, I'm doubly glad we took our first-anniversary/pre-move-to-one-income vacation to Florida last year! And today, I guess it's okay that we're spending the day with kids. We kind of like them.

Happy anniversary, Ross! I cannot believe we've been married two years already... and we still like each other most days ;-)


  1. Congrats to you, lovely lady! :) :) :)

    Lovely pictures!!!!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully next year I'll get around to actually posting the professional pictures we spent money on :o)