Monday, September 6, 2010

CSA Highlights

I fell off the CSA wagon for a while there. Clearly, I was protesting the summer heat by going on a baked goods spree. We also got fewer veggies than we should have due to the scorching July and August heat. Here are some highlights from the last month or so:

This is where we pick up our share every Wednesday
Lots of jalepenos
Mashed farm potatoes with cheddar cheese and farm jalepenos. Ross loved it!
Eggplants in every color, shape, and size.
Zucchini. I shredded these and froze them. Can't wait to make bread soon!
New to last week's share: butternut squash and sweet potato greens.
Fall is on its way-- happy Labor Day! This is the first public holiday Ross and I have had off together in over a year. He's doing homework all day and I'm... well... I need to study for my RNC. Last night we had dinner at my aunt's country club and enjoyed the sunset by the pool!

Time to get to work.

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