Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Things

I FINALLY GOT KANSAS PLATES! I'm sad that I'll no longer be sporting my Texas pride (and it'll be much harder to find my car in the parking lot) but it feels so good to no longer be in limbo!  The best part is, the whole thing only took 2 hours and cost $51. And I only cried in public once.

Fortunately, "the public" was really just an insurance agent at 8:30 in the morning.  I had put registration off while I was on night shift and then this May I tried to make the switch.  I went to the DMV, got my car inspected, and went back to the DMV, only to find out I needed Kansas car insurance to register in Kansas.  I went home defeated and only now roused up the motivation to try again. I went to an insurance agent this morning to try to get insurance for JUST me, but since I'm married there is no "just" me anymore. Ross' driving record is my driving record. Hence the aforementioned tears.

I drove around to calm down, and then thought I'd go to the DMV and ask what sort of monetary penalty I could expect if I put this off even LONGER until Ross and I had a clean driving record and Kansas insurance.  Apparently, just last week they changed the law and as long as I had current insurance from a well-known provider, I could register my car in Kansas.  I wanted to hug the guy across the counter when I heard this!  God is SO good. He knew this was wearing me down, hanging over my head, and I was afraid I had a fine building up each month I went unregistered. I don't know how I didn't, but I'm SO HAPPY to have that out of the way!

My day got even better when I checked the mail.

Pumpkin bread! This is a classic in Ross' family and it's a recipe I'll probably never try to replicate. It's one thing to bake things my own mom made when I was growing up, because I helped her most of the time. (Even if "helping" meant "sampling," at least I saw what she was doing).  I'm happy to accept that this recipe is one of Ross' childhood favorites and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I'm just happy he lets me steal a slice or two from every loaf before he finishes it!

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